Fiber Optic Services

Covenant Cable offers advanced fiber testing in support of transmission speeds up to 100G, as well as advanced optical technologies including DWDM and CWDM. Fiber Characterization is designed to test the fiber plant to determine the integrity of the fiber and quality of the installation.

Splicing / Termination

Covenant Cable utilizes state-of-the-art fusion splicing machines to maintain maximum efficiency and lowest splice loss possible on every fiber span. Our team of professionals terminate each fiber optic cable with high quality, precision connectors to meet and exceed all industry standards.

Fiber Characterization Testing

Fiber Characterization testing process verifies the quality, integrity and transmission speed capacity of your fiber plant through the measurement of key fundamental properties. Our Field Engineers will test your fiber and provide a comprehensive final report with detailed test results and recommendations. In addition to providing valuable wavelength, equipment choice, and capacity threshold information, fiber characterization will help you identify life expectancy and potential issues that could lead to service interruptions and loss of revenue.

Fiber Characterization Tests Available:

  • Optical Return Loss (ORL)
  • Optical Insertion Loss (OIL)
  • Bi-directional OTDR traces, splice/connector loss and reflectance and overall fiber length.
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)
  • Chromatic Dispersion (CD) measurements and Zero Lambda identification
  • Attenuation Profile